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Shoreline Dredging and Oil Services

With a reputation of providing efficient services and continuously investing in experienced employees with new state of the art equipment Shoreline Dredging and Oil Services distinguished itself as a premier company in the West African Oil Services market. Gigasurge elevated Shoreline's web and mobile presence by planning, executing and maintaining a state of the art Content Management System with a commensurately well designed Customer Relationship Management System for their client relations. Gigasurge was able to highlight their core projects and present them in a way that was useful and valuable for industry experts to find and reference for consultation and engagement purposes.

Shoreline acquired marine and land equipment used in supplying and hauling the building materials. As Shoreline’s fleet grew, opportunities to lease its equipment to its clients also opened up. This challenge was met by their bespoke Customer Relationship Management System developed Gigasurge with effortless sales lead/account integration with other industry tools like Salesforce and SAP.