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AOL/Time Warner

Our consultants were responsible for the development, testing and deployment of digitization, user interaction elements and data collection assets for the Public Broadcasting Service's (PBS) award winning show Arthur at AOL Studio.

We developed, deployed and tracked user interaction with the Athens, Greece Olympics events on all AOL/Time Warner web assets with the Olympic Clock in what was simultaneously the (then) largest implementation of SportML (a sports industry specific implementation of XML) and a 25 million hit/hour for the web asset across multiple AOL/Time Warner sites.

At AOL we also deployed one of the first & largest implementation of flash video ads across all AOL assets home pages.

Gigasurge consultants developed new media applications pioneering server side Javascript, Flash Actionscript and FLEX applications for AOL Studio, People, Time, Black Voices and numerous other digital web assets of the AOl/Time Warner entity.