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Gigasurge was tasked with the capture, encoding and webcast of its Energy Conference with AFCEA Bethesda in May 2012.

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Gigasurge staff trained and facilitated sessions with the National Association of Broadcasters in 2010 in association with Technologies for Worship.

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Gigasurge's consultants have provided full software life cycle development, database and cross platform integration services on projects for the United States Health and Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid on business data collection and reporting on the Affordable Care Act.

Surviving and thriving in today’s business climate requires finding ways to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. Gigasurge provides the components you need to modernize your application infrastructure and deliver business agility. With the capability to integrate with customers, suppliers, and pa

Established in 1918, WSSC is currently among the largest water and wastewater utilities in the United States of America, with a network of nearly 5,600 miles of fresh water pipeline and over 5,600 miles of sewer pipeline. Their service area spans nearly 1,000 square miles in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties, Maryland, and they serve 1.8 million residents through approximately 460,000 customer accounts. WSSC drinking water has always met or exceeded federal standards.

Gigasurge consultants worked with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commissions Technology Operations to update

Our consultants were responsible for the development, testing and deployment of digitization, user interaction elements and data collection assets for the Public Broadcasting Service's (PBS) award winning show Arthur at AOL Studio.

We developed, deployed and tracked user interaction with the Athens, Greece Olympics events on all AOL/Time Warner web assets with the Olympic Clock in what was simultaneously the (then) largest implementation of SportML (a sports industry specific implementation of XML) and a 25 million hit/hour for the web asset across multiple AOL/Time Warner sites.

With a reputation of providing efficient services and continuously investing in experienced employees with new state of the art equipment Shoreline Dredging and Oil Services distinguished itself as a premier company in the West African Oil Services market. Gigasurge elevated Shoreline's web and mobile presence by planning, executing and maintaining a state of the art Content Management System with a commensurately well designed Customer Relationship Management System for their client relations. Gigasurge was able to highlight their core projects and present them in a way that was useful and

Gigasurge architected and integrated custom applications for the processing and administration of Visa applicants to a number of Diplomatic Embassies in the United States and beyond.For discretionary reasons the specific diplomatic missions are not mentioned but the customized processing workflows for each deployment has left us with a wealth of experience in implementing solutions tailored towards Visa Application processing, Biometric Data collection and demographic information reporting.

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